Sandra Gahlinger

Rhode Island

Sandra Gahlinger

Rhode Island

I live in Rhode Island after four years in Italy where I traveled a TON and learned to cook some amazing food with a true, Italian nonna - I also had the extra weight to show for it!

(Lost it all without dieting or exercise...ask me how.)

Currently: I teach ESL in a low incidence district. I am launching & running the P.I.G. Project, ESL Resource Hub, & a couple of magazines - join me on Periscope for Word Nerd Wednesdays, P.I.G. get togethers (How many P.I.Gs have YOU planted?) and some Cancer Q&As.

(I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on t.v...or anywhere else, but I have had it twice. It runs in the family - I've learned a thing or two or three along the way about fear (terror, really), pain management, nausea/puking, the use of humor, and well as the bigger lesson that is often behind cancer's arrival - and I love to share so you, too, can kick cancer in the patookis).

I enjoy connecting great people to amazing resources. I love travel/food/culture, photography, birdwatching (also known as Cat T.V. at our house), hanging out with my puppycats, and reading books.

Follow me - sandragahlinger - on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to join us for the P.I.G. Project!

If you're a low incidence ESL school district or a teacher with one or two (or new to you) ELL students, go here (you might have to copy and paste the link): "link coming soon"

If you've found out you have cancer and want a place to vent and see what it can be like "on the other side of cancer", go here (again, you might have to copy and paste the link)..."link coming soon"

Headed to Italy? Can I come with? - If you want some travel tips/tricks - not your usual guide book stuff, go here...(again, you may have to copy and paste 'er in): "link coming soon"

Just want to take a trip from your Kitchen?? Go here to get some authentic, EASY Italian recipes - straight from Nonna's kitchen..."link coming soon"

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