Sandra Gottschalk

I'm Sandra, I am a Mom of three, wife of one. The year I turned 40, I became a Mom again and a Grandma for the first time. What a life changing year!

I was not able to stay at home with my first child by the time my second came along I was able to stay at home until he started kindergarden. When the third one came along I tried to go right back to work. I had made my career in the medical field and enjoyed helping others but the guilt of missing out on all of the many life changes my baby was going through without me was too much. It was time for me to re-think what was going to be a priority in my life. I tried switching jobs so I coud be closer to home and have shorter hours but that fell though. We decided I would be a stay home mom.

Dave Ramsey is helping us work towards a debit free life. I am working at home with an online health and wellness company and enjoying getting back to the basics. I am now living what I consider a healthier, wealther life.

If you are looking to simplify your life, earn a little from home and learn how to live a little healthier life connect wtih me. I would love to hear your story.

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