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Writer, Consultant, and Artist in New York

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Advocacy Artistry Community Diversity & Inclusion Media and Digital Communications

Sandra Gray Solutions is Omni Collaborative, Integrative, and Expansive to Support the Efforts of Socially Responsible Attorneys, Elected and Government Official Initiatives, Community Leaders, Educators, Creative Artists, Unions, and Progressive Business Leaders. Advocacy Communications Representation is available for those with Disabilities with Protected Characteristics (Civil Rights Protections).

In addition to studying Law, Communication Arts (Writing and Oratory Arts) Performing Arts (Vocal Music) and Recording Arts at CUNY, Mount Saint Vincent, UCLA, Harvard Online, Sandra was Mentored and trained as a young teen by Legendary Civil Rights Attorney Florynce Rae "Flo" Kennedy, and Famed New York City Administrative Law Judge Rose Nussbaum. As a teen and University student, Sandra served as a paid intern at ABC-TV, Warner Brothers, Atlantic Records, Performed Off-Broadway, Wrote and Recorded 30 songs in Los Angeles, Interned, was Published, and a Featured Artist in Music Connection Magazine, and worked as a Graduate Intern at the Mayor’s Office of the City of New York, and severed in the Office of the Mayor, Beverly Hills City Hall.

Ms. Gray composed EEOC Policies and monitored Process Improvement Teams in the Executive Office of the West Los Angeles VA Healthcare Center, and her Policy Recommendations were implemented via former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta, Commissioner for the Administration for Children's Services. Sandra's recent work with Americans with Disabilities has elevated their quality of life.

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