Sandra Greene

Attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sandra Greene

Attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hello! I’m Sandra, an attorney, consultant and trainer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I love Justice, Entrepreneurship and Energy Management techniques. I have created a unique law and consulting practice that allows me to use all three .


I advise and serve clients who have disputes that need to be resolved, but I also advise clients who want to be proactive and avoid the misunderstandings that lead to disputes. Additionally, I advise entrepreneurs who want to maximize their profits by working ON their businesses instead of simply IN their businesses. Providing the direct services that an entrepreneur's clients need is working IN their business. This is not where an entrepreneur reaps the greatest financial rewards. Rather, the greatest financial rewards for an entrepreneur come from developing the policies, procedures and relationships that keep the business running. This is working ON the business.

I call the work that I do Kundalini Law.


Kundalini Law focuses on the proven principles of justice and the management of the energy flow between the participants in the business relationship or dispute, rather than the rigidity of law, as the means of resolving both disputes and business obstacles that clients face.


We use a wide variety of mindset and energy management tools to help our clients gain the level of personal awareness needed to resolve disputes and overcome business challenges including:

Meditation -------- Reiki --------- Aromatherapy

Chanting ---------- Crystals ------EFT

Visualization ----- Smudging - Other Techniques


Clients drawn to Kundalini Law understand that conflict is unnecessary as a means of resolving disputes and that obstacles in business are an invitation to think differently. The traditional law based approach to serving clients presumes conflict, confrontation and That no one should give an inch. All that does is encourage stagnation, frustration, aggravation, anxiety and dissatisfaction. Don't let this happen to you.

Contact me and discover healing options that will empower and support you as you resolve your disputes and business challenges. Click the green "Book A Consultation" button above.