Sandra Gregs

Project Manager, Photographer, and Recruiter in California

Sandra Gregs

Project Manager, Photographer, and Recruiter in California

Sandra is a researcher. She can spend hours researching just about anything. She gathers data and information to assist in better designs and decision by doing a SWOT analysis.

She is detail-oriented and is structured in all work efforts. Assess and locates the right information/resources needed to complete a project. She enjoys getting things organized and building routines for consistency.

Sandra is a thinker and she questions almost everything. She does not fully believe that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can tell any person what career would be best for them. Sandra fits into "ESTJ" and "ESFJ", but she can at times fit into others.

She does enjoy facts and desires to see concrete data, numbers and time lines/budgets. Lives in present, eyes constantly evaluating the present conditions to see if they match up with expectations.

Sandra is a builder. She executes on a plan, she knows how to manage all aspects off an office and keeps projects on time. On budget is a different story! She likes to focus on ways to do things better and faster.

She is not afraid of public speaking in front of professionals or teachers. She researches her topics thoroughly enough to present a case and can give advise on how to proceed and give you a plan of action after her research is complete. She has done over 150 hours of public speaking.

Sandra is a writer. She has her own blog at She has her blog since 2013. She passed the CA State Life/Health exam in Oct 2015. She worked in life insurance for all of six weeks. She is currently seeking a career in accounting or at least - data entry that can lead into accounting. She has been working with at-risk populations since 2004 and seeking a career more behind the scenes away from customer service.

“Experience is the only thing that brings knowledge and the longer you are on earth the more experience you are sure to get.” The Wizard


Prevented mall fire damage value $50,000+

Earned 50 K-Mart bucks excellent customer service

Developed 12 week curriculum in 4 weeks

  • Work
    • Seeking to work in accounting
  • Education
    • MBA
    • b.s. Business Administration