Sandra Hagen

I have been very fortunate to been able to experience living in different cultures in my life. Having done that makes me who I am. I love my family, the sunshine on my face, honest people, a frank smile, and my closest friends. They’re the essence of my being. I’m sensitive and sweet, funny at times or so I been told!! Yet a fearless fighter when it comes to what I believe in. I am grateful for life and being able to do what I love to do, thanks to my wonderful husband who puts up with me and my crazy ideas and supports me no matter what. I do believe that “the best things in life are free.” Fashion to me is empowering. When I create, I feel that there is nothing I cannot do. I love prints, textures, and color. I’m all about well crafted pieces done right, and anything feminine with a touch of vintage. I like to design for confident women who like to feel sexy, feminine, and sophisticated. My mood is almost always responsible for what I get too create. I’m unstoppable, and have many goals in my life which I plan to accomplish if God permits. I believe in the possibilities that life may bring.