Sandra Kok

Consultant, Business Coach, and Entrepreneur in Amersfoort, Nederland

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Freedom was the key reason why I started my own business, after many years as an employee, in 2010.

Nowadays I can choose where I work, who I work with and what I do. What I do is what I love. I have a growing network and meet inspiring people. I listen to my heart and use the Golden Circle of Simon Sinek and the Business Model Canvas to put things in writing. Adding value en knowing why you do what you do is crucial in business and private life.

Since January 2017 I am board member of the Female Wave of Change Foundation. A platform where women meet, online and offline,to share knowledge, build bridges and create opportunities togetherin this rapidly changing world. Let's create waves together!

The freedom I was looking for is what I found over the years. More than I could imagine. My dreams are becoming more and more reality. If you want that too, all you have to understand is:

It's all about You!

  • Work
    • You! Consultancy
  • Education
    • Several diploma's, but most valuable is school of life