Sandra Allicia.

Sandra Allicia is my name and fifteen15 is just a number which represent my recent age now. Was born on 3rd July 1998 and currently studying in one of international junior high school in Jakarta, Indonesia. Taken and unavailable, 270812-KevinSetiadi's. Addicted with 9gag and Apple gadgets. A fan of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Coldplay, Linkin Park and Michael Bublé. Spiderman and Ironman are my favorite superheroes while Alex Pettyfer, Robert Downey Jr, Neil Patrick Harris and Andrew Garfield are my favorite actors. Love CSI series, Hawaii Five-0, Perception and The Listener. Obsessed with these football players, Lucas Piazón, Alvaro Morata, Oscar Emboaba & Enzo Zidane. I draw, I sing, I stalk, I write stories and sleep a lot but I'm having a sleep problem at night, probably an insomniac. Patrick Star; Buzz Lightyear; Lightning McQueen▲♥