Sandra Lynn Sandavol

Project Manager in North Carolina

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Disney Nut, Humanist, Foodie, Naturalist, Teas, Eastern Cultures, Seeker.



Twitter: @TamsinWiloughby


Tamsin Wiloughby is the main character in the wonderful novel Tamsin, by Peter S. Beagle. She is a character most all of us can strongly identify with.

Although I have traditionally disliked social media, I am here and on Twitter at the express request of many of the members of the Starfire Group, who have asked me to share my stories regarding major life changes, as well as the blurbs my vocation puts forth. Such, I suppose, is the life of a writer.


I believe that we are all responsible for ourselves. That said, I also believe we are all responsible for each other, or at least we should be. We are indeed very much our brother’s keeper. I keep hoping that even the least of us will eventually realize that we as individuals can never find true and complete happiness if everyone around us is completely miserable.

If I can be a benefit to you, let me know. I am here and I am always accessible.

  • Education
    • North Carolina State University