Sandra Moses

Student in San Antonio, Texas

Hi,my name is Sandra Moses, I came from the great mother land Africa. Yes, I am African and no I don’t know how to hunt or throw spears, I’m as lost as you. I want to be a pharmacist some day and help people feel better internally. I would like to contribute to the medical field because I am good with working with people. I intend on going to a medical school right after high school for all for four years of college. I have been in JROTC in four years of my high school career, it has been an amazing program that has helped me overcome my awkwardness and shyness. The Riderette drill team has put me out of my normal comfort zone and has taught me to be able to work better with a team. Overall I can be a very passionate and hardworking in any situation I am put in. Being the oldest child has taught me to be able to care and be responsible for other, which is a very helpful characteristic for the field I am going in. ,