Sandra Nicole Concepcion

Writer and Mother in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Sandra Nicole Concepcion became a channel for Jesus and the Divine in May 2012 when she died on her living room couch and saw/had conversations with Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, and Jesus. During the conversations, Jesus pushed her back into her body. In the book, she explains the before, during, and aftermath of her traumatic near death experience. Her near death experience intensified her faith in God where she surrendered her will to be a clear Divine channel for Jesus, God, and deities.

She is now a channel, psychic medium, animal communicator, telepathic translator, healing conduit, spiritual teacher, and author for Jesus and the Divine, delivering messages and healings as directed by Jesus. Each day brings a continuation in her recovery and passionate pursuit to follow God’s will. Her lifetime mission is to share the Divine’s love, light and truth for the highest good of all.

Since the age of two, Sandra could hear, see, and feel the Divine as well as the dark side. When she was old enough to cross the street, she began her self-study of what is beyond this physical world. She recalled her first official experience with passed loved ones was at eight-years-old, where she refused to get dressed for her great aunt’s funeral. “I remember I sat on my bedroom floor, protesting in my nightgown. I told my mother ‘I’m not going, she’s not there. She’s laughing in my room.’ ” When Sandra was thirteen, she went to a neighbor’s house with her mother for a psychic reading. The psychic told Sandra she could read cards like her and she has many gifts to unlock. The psychic said Sandra will be a more powerful psychic than her one day, that she would be able to help many people and explained her love for writing.

An excerpt of "PINK ROSES FOR THE ILL" is included in the published book "Experiences From the Light: Ordinary People’s Extraordinary Experiences of Transformation, Miracles, and Spiritual Awakening."

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