Sandra Null

Suisun City Ca

I am a California native with an interest in the latest trends, current events, local news, and celebrity gossip. While attending college in San Francisco, my love for news and the media turned to curiosity and appreciation. I met people from all walks of life with perceptions that could not be more different from my own and that fascinated me and motivated me to broaden my horizons. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Television Production with an emphasis on creative writing, however, upon becoming a wife and mother, my interests geared toward things happening within my community.
I am a restaurant manager and have worked in customer service my whole life. I engage with people everyday and through my work have been able to get involved with the community, donating food and services to several non-profit organizations, schools, and more. Having a son involved in local youth sports has also allowed me to stay involved with the community. I genuinely care about what is happening around me and those I care about, therefore the well being of my community has become a priority of mine.
Now I am pursuing my Master’s Degree from Full Sail University in New Media Journalism, which has allowed me to express my interest in my community through an original blog of my own,

  • Work
    • Rubio's Manager
  • Education
    • San Francisco State University
    • Full Sail University