Sandra Quiroz

Bogotá, C, Colombia

My name is Sandra Quiroz, I'm Spanish journalist as well as an activist, blogger, entrepreneur, adventurer, nomad and vocational travel.

My background in Communication and Information Sciences is based on a practical combination of education and work experiences. I am specialized in the field of Journalism and had experience working in press, radio, television not only in Spain but also in other countries. I have been working in Communication for Development for the last six years and lived in Ethiopia, Mozambique or Bolivia.

Each country, each person, each situation has taught me much and made me discover a new world, new ways of thinking, new lessons... Communication is a powerful tool and a camera an objective witness that shows the reality, the truth and opens a window to new realities.

I love photography and certainly believe that "A picture is worth a thousand words". Through Photojournalism we can show the world the daily stories that everyday occurs anywhere in the planet.