Sandra Sanchez

It's a little hard when you're placed on the spot and told you have to spill your guts, telling the masses a cute blurb that highlights all your good qualities and shades the bads ones. I'm not sure what I should say.

I heard about this site through my boss and mostly I'm doing this to see how user friendly it is, and if it's a good tool for him and his culinary tourism company. So let's start with that. I work for Epicopia Culinary Journeys, we specialize in fine wine and food tours all over the world. It's so rewarding being able to do research and find out all these fascinating places in the world knowing that what I find out could mean someone (including myself) may find their own utopia on one of our tours. It's the most rewarding and fantastic job I have ever had, and for the first time in my thirty years I am discovering what it is like to love going to work rather than dreading. Where most people find themselves chained to a desk repeating the same mundane spread sheets, I get to plan vacations most can only fantasize about.