Sandra Santiago

Los Angeles, California, United States

Possesses a spirit every bit as exotic as her name and culture suggests. Not only has she graced the presence of a multitude of countries, namely Spain, England, France, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary Italy, Greece, Russia, Japan and Indonesia, but she has endeared herself to those around her by adopting the mother tongue of many along the way, able to speak fluently in French, Japanese and, of course, English and Spanish. The budding starlet was raised in Mexico where she first exposed her family and friends to her flair and passion for the performing arts, showing off her acting and dancing skills to anyone prepared to sit back and watch. And watch they did. Her father would bring home the local bands that performed at his bar and as soon as she heard the music, little Sandra would be dancing right alongside them, delighting her co-performers and family alike. Entertaining audiences suited Sandra to a tee as she loved every minute the limelight would allow her. Her opportunities to perform were boundless as her love for the limelight was not unrequited.

As she grew into middle school, Sandra's passion for acting grew beyond her years when she embraced the methodology of Telenovela actors. There was no doubt in her mind that from that moment on, she would pursue her passion with the same kind of spirit and determination that had blessed her from the moment she was born.

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    • Acting
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    • Sorbonne University
    • Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne