Sandra Simmons

Naples, Florida

Successful business cash flow management is a very simple science. That means that there is a simple formula to follow, and if you follow the exact formula, it yields a specific, and predictable result.

Millionaires know and use this cash flow management formula for one purpose, and that is to direct the use of their money, to control their financial future in order to reach their personal financial goals.

For 20+ years, I have been teaching business owners this formula, and helping them manage their cash flow to achieve their financial goals.

While I spent many years doing accounting and tax preparation, the missing ingredient for successful cash flow management does not lie in either of these actions. Successful cash flow management puts the individual in control of their cash flow by operating in the present and planning for the future.

Through my software and coaching programs I have helped business owners in 28 countries across the globe to get in control of their money and their financial future, instead of them being controlled by their bank account balance.

I firmly believe that the health of our economy rests on the backs of small business owners. If they fail, we all fail. I do what I do so that does not happen.

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