Sandras Phiri

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Sandras is a fun, inspirational Educator and Speaker. He is the MD and founder of Africa Trust Academy, a leadership and entrepreneurship training company with operations in South Africa and Zambia.

Sandras has over 13 years’ experience in the financial and IT sectors as well as in education and coaching. Sandras has spoken at various functions in South Africa, Bali Indonesia, Malawi and Zambia. He has worked in banking, mobile payments, insurance, unit trust and IT in South Africa and Zambia. He has lectured at 7 major universities and various colleges in South Africa. He has mentored and coached individuals, as well as managers at various organisations including General Electric and at Big Brother Africa. He is a mentor on SABC 1 TV programme Making Moves and on Destiny Connect.

Sandras has a Computer Science degree and an MBA from University of Cape Town. He has been taught and mentored by leading global teachers including Dr John Demartini who is in the Secret and Roger Hamilton a leading global entrepreneurship Coach. Sandras is the Chapter Director for Startup Grind Lusaka powered by Google for Entrepreneurs and a member of Coaches and Mentors of South Africa.

He has been featured in Destiny Man, Glamour and GSB Breakwater Magazines, News24 Entrepreneur and on many radio and TV stations. Sandras’ academic paper on leadership was published in an international leadership journal called Effective Executive.


  • Education
    • MBA
    • Computer Science BSc