Sandra Wilkins

Digital Content Strategist in Charlotte, North Carolina

Sandra Wilkins

Digital Content Strategist in Charlotte, North Carolina

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It's great to meet you.

I'm Sandra Wilkins and I'm going to be eerily simple about what I do:


I love writing - almost borderline obsessed.

I'm most interested in working with those who want to tell a story - and want to find the most interesting and endearing way to do so.

A bit about me?

If you could combine a love of reading, a great eye for visual representation, a stickler for detail, and a touch of imagination into one bright and shiny'd have someone who's simply in love with great content.

You'd also have a pretty awesome writer.

Want specifics?

I graduated from Winthrop University with a degree in marketing. My degree included slaving through several research methodology and intensive writing courses in addition to an intense business administration and marketing course load.

I'm currently an inbound marketer for a marketing agency in Charlotte. I create and edit content in all forms including eBooks, website copy, SlideShare decks, blog posts, and just about anything else our clients need.

Prior to that, I created and edited content for a global textile and dyestuffs company. I managed the company social media accounts and corporate blog. I also created aesthetic sales content aimed at catching the attention of major brands and retailers.

So if you're interested in creating some awesome content together, contact me and I'll send you some work examples.

  • Education
    • Winthrop University