Alessandro Cossu

Director, Editor, and Public Speaker in Roma, Italia

I am the director of Cittadinanzattiva communication office, a leading non profit organization focused on advocacy and promotion of citizens' participation in policies and public life.

I also manage as director the communication and the marketing of a brilliant innovatice company, Icomfort, that enables firms to measure, through IOT sensors and a native software platform, various parameters, workplace wellness, building efficiency and spaces use.

I funded in august 2019 a Communication firm "IGOR", dedicated to data and science communication, thanks to partners with a strong background. We are the agency for "Big Data IN Health" annual event in Italy.

Currently living in Roma, Italia. I worked as free lance journalist for many media, online and traditional, founded a restaurant and then an export firm specialized in italian food for the Central Africa. As well as account for a little and strong Advertising agency. My interests range from advertising to communication. I am also interested in media relations, accounting, and accounting professional.

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  • Work
    • Cittadinanzattiva
  • Education
    • University of Naples Federico II
    • Rai Eri
    • Ateneo Impresa Spa