Sandrina Denira

Jakarta - Indonesia

For the past five years, Sandrina has dropped her heart to the area of Self and Leadership Development, Marketing, Business, Writing, and Communication.

In 2011, She appeared as the 3rd winner of Labs Interval English Writing Competition held for high school students in Jabodetabek. In 2012, her team ranked as the 3rd winner of a National Business Plan Competition, The Green Entrepreneur, held by Prasetiya Mulya. In 2013, she became a Communication Manager for ASEAN UNITE, a project that held to socialize youth in Jakarta about the upcoming ASEAN Community 2015, which is supported by ASEAN and under the supervision of AIESEC UI. Her previous job was as Permata Bank's Career Website Content Writer which was published in English and Bahasa. Now she is currently a Research and Relation Manager of Global Internship Program in AIESEC UI 13-14, the world's largest student-run organization that is impacting the world through leadership development experiences.

Sandrina believes that life can be a very beautiful place if people give their all to it, and be themselves.

  • Education
    • Business Administration - University Of Indonesia