Sandrine Smith

I am an INWA Certified Nordic Walking Instructor. Thanks to June who introduced Nordic Walking to New Zealand in 2005 and made New Zealand the newest member of INWA in June 2008, I was able to participate in the inaugural New Zealand instructor training.

I was born in Switzerland, where most of my family practises Nordic Walking. My oldest brother and sister-in-law are instructors also.

When I immigrated to New Zealand in 2007 with my husband and two young children, I thought it was time to become an instructor myself. New Zealand is a perfect country for outdoor activities. The scenery is beautiful. It is never too hot or too cold.

Since I earned my instructor certificate, I have been teaching in Hamilton. I have met great people. It is so nice to have a total body workout, but still be able to talk at the same time. During the classes, my students and I endure very often the smirks and « where is the snow » comments. If only they knew the benefits of Nordic Walking!

Join me in one of my class. Discover Nordic Walking. It has become the hottest new trend in fitness in recent years, spreading rapidly all over the world. It is a time efficient low-stress, total body workout which is fantastic for weight-loss, as well as keep you fit, toned and help you look better. It is great for your Body, Mind and most anyone can do it, regardless of age, weight, or gender!