Sand River

Sand River are:

Guy Siviour - Drums / Percussion / Ukelele

Simon Robinson - Vocals / Guitar

(If you don't like reading, skip to the bottom. Things are going to get verbose for a while.)

Hi. We're a band, formed in the white-hot heat of the North East music scene, that specialises in a surprisingly mellifluous blend of blues, folk, indie and world music. We're not unlike any band you've ever heard - most bands who claim that sound almost exactly like the Stones, or Paul Simon, or someone. But we are a bit different to the norm, and isn't that something worth striving for in a mass-market, cookie-cutter, identikit music industry? We think so.

We love music, though, all kinds of music; so much so that we've spent more hours than we'd care to count locked away in darkened studios, practice rooms and pubs, throwing ideas at each other until they stick together. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. When they do, we take them out on the road and play them very loudly to anyone who is prepared to listen. And sometimes those who aren't. If we like how they go over, we go into the studio and record them, and then even the people who can't make it to our gigs can listen to them.

We want as many people as possible to listen to our music - what band doesn't? - so we've put our first self-titled EP on Bandcamp for you to listen to, even download (for free!) if you like. The link is below - why not spend ten minutes having a listen? You never know - you might find that we have a connection.

A connection is a rare and special thing.

Cliff notes for people who don't like reading:

Sand River are a blues / folk / indie / world music inspired two-man band who formed in Durham, UK in 2009.

We have an EP available for free download at, and a second EP coming soon.

We want to be your new favourite band, or at least the obscure band you can tell all your friends about to feel superior, you naughty hipster, you.

Pass us on to all your friends / family / record-producers.

We have the potential to be a hugely positive force in your life during your short time upon this earth.

Listen to our music. Please. Thank you.