- Sandro -

My name is Sandro. I can't say no more about my name, maybe because I'm a secret agent...

I don't want to do a physical description because I know you think it is boring...

• I was born the on the 10th of August, it is the 222nd day of the year and it's the birthdate of Wolfgang Paul ①, a nobel prize laureate! He was born 85 years before me!

• I have got a grey Cat and a Tortoise. My cat is called Nessy, like the Loch Ness Monster (② he is in my school bag). My turtle is very small. I hope that one day she will be giant.

• I enjoy playing the piano. Currently, I play Bach and Saint-Saëns. I think I'll become more famous than they! No, I'm joking, I play the piano just for fun. I love Jazz and Ragtime too.

• My prefered movies are "Magical Mystery Tour" (it's psychedelic and I like it!), the Pixar's films (in my humble opinion, "Monsters Inc." is the best!), and Monsters Movies (like "Dracula" from 1931). I'm fond of a film called "Apollo 13" because I'm into space exploration ③.

• I love reading books. My favourite author is Jules Verne. I think "20.000 leagues under the sea" is Awesome (④ : it's a page from this book)! I'm mad of a comic book called "The Moomins": It's a finnish comic strip from the 1950s and from my point of view, it's fantastic: it's very easy to read, and the draws are beautiful! ⑤

• When I'm bored, I love drawing. I have been a great artist since I was child! ⑥

• One more thing, I love eating apples! I love this fruit!

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day!