Sandro Luis

Sandro Luis is a talented graphic design lead with 12 years experience in print and web design who is highly self-motivated, creative, and versatile. Especially skilled in creating and directing corporate and new business design. Adept at innovating user experience for the web and multimedia applications. Exceptional interpersonal skills with team members and subordinates. Accomplished at incorporating the desires of the client with a superior design solution.

Products:Active in social networks, with experience in developing, managing and tracking digital media campaigns. Knowledge of web analytics, adwords, facebook ads, metric measurement, #SEM and #SEO strategies.

Specialties Able to work with those apps: Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, inDesign CS5, Fireworks CS5, FrameMaker. CMS Feature: Joomla! OS: MacOS Lion and Windows 7.

Languages: Portuguese; English; Japanese: conversation (40%), higarana and katakana (100%), kanji 890 ideograms; Mandarim (studying): basic 言葉 ポルトガル語 ー 英語 ー 日本語 ー 中国語 (勉強中)