San Francisco, CA

Always in the frying pan, never in the fire.

I've worked in many industries (retail, food service, publishing, tech, telecommunications) and in very many capacities (customer service, sales management, service management, marketing, product development, design, general management, sales support). I've cooked on a line, managed overseas production teams, led a call center of 75 employees, roasted coffee, managed sales, provided support for faculty and staff at a major university, and managed the installation of broadband services for consumers and businesses. However different, each of these jobs had a customer. Focusing on that customer led me to be successful in each of them.

I've never worked in a single capacity/industry long enough to claim expertise and I like it that way. It has allowed me to take on each new challenge with fresh perspective and lead teams through meaningful change. Most recently, I've been able to leverage this perspective in an innovation center that builds prototypes for a large tech company.

Besides using fresh eyes to lead teams through change and a fierce focus on the customer, the only thing that has been consistent throughout my career has been change.

  • Work
    • AT&T Foundry
  • Education
    • B.S Computer Science, MBA