Sandro Zhinin

marketing in New York

Sandro Zhinin

marketing in New York

A bit personal...

Coming from a big family and living under 1 roof with 4 siblings have given me a perspective on the people you surround yourself with. You gain the ability to read situations and manage relationships.

…and no play

I have been at my current job in digital marketing for 7 years. Working for a midsize media group in NYC has given me priceless insight on business, and my own character. My goal is to start my own company, but my passion/ambition is to better peoples live in any small possible way. I love marketing and working with people. I think it has potential aside from just selling products or ideas.

Running my own startup has been put on the back burner, but its a marathon not a sprint. I look forward to applying the things I’ve learned to do (especially NOT to do) in that future start-up.


Raised in Westchester county gave me an appreciation for both t among he city and the outdoors. Every now and again I get the itch for an adventure in the wilderness.

I enjoy learning new things. Currently I'm trying to learn a new language, how to draw/paint, and create web-pages.

Fun Facts

Snowboard, Narwhal specialist (unicorns of the sea), High five enthusiast, Mustache aficionado, Jumped out of multiple planes and survived, My lasagna has saved lives, Rock climb, Hike/Camp, Woodworking, Can speak another language

  • Education
    • B.B.A Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College