Sandra Eblevi

I recently graduated with M.A in Communications from West Texas A&M University. I had my undergraduate degree in Sociology in Turkey, my home country, and came to the USA for my graduate studies in August 2009.

I'm currently looking for a job in Indianapolis Metro Area in consumer PR.

Knowing my plans after graduation, I focused my education that is in communications to PR. Thankfully WTAMU doesn’t have a strict program, and I was able to create my own PR graduate program here. You can get more details on that by reading my blog post about it here.

I improved my education experience by having an assistantship in one of the PR classes in the faculty, which helped me learn a lot of practical things by grading the students’ writings; auditing a PR campaigns class, and interning in the Communications and Marketing department of the university.

I love being social, watching movies, listening to music and traveling.