Sandy Hawke


Former firewall geek turned marketer with a love for open source. A passionate believer in the power of storytelling and the art of simplicity, no matter how complicated the topic. A seeker of harmonious team building and collaboration, and a natural problem-solver. My talents lie in listening to understand my audience, translating complex technobabble into simple and compelling stories, and showcasing those stories to drive a measurable impact.


Content That Converts:

Product Marketing and Content Marketing Consulting

Clients in these markets: cloud/SaaS security, mobile security, IAM/IDaaS, and endpoint threat detection and response. Rapidly develop and implement compelling content to accelerate customer acquisition and cost-effectively scale enterprise sales teams.

Services include: product positioning, product messaging, product pitches, sales training, sales tools, market segmentation analysis, demo use cases and scripts, website content, and more.

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For work samples, please see my Slideshare page.