Sandy Mullins

Iowa, United States

Greatings All:

Where I live:

I have lived in Large Cities most of my life in Arizona & California. My husband passed away back in 1983. I have two children and one grandson.

In 2001, after meeting a woderful man online and a lot of soul searching I moved to Iowa to a small town of less than 150 on a good day. It is one of those towns you would miss driving down an interstatate, quant and did I say small.

I gained two more grown children and two more grandchildren.

Things I love to do:

As a child I was shy, quiet, and a little impish. All Shirley Temple without massive curls. I never got in trouble because I coulnd never lie. I drove my cousins crazy at five humming at the table (music was always around me & in me). I wrote poetry and my first song at six. Sand in Church Choirs and played the Violin. Taught myself some piano as a freshman in high school. Played on friends guitars, bass, Stand up Bass, and drums. I was as you can see a band groupie. I was the mic tester but never sang solo infront of anyone until adulthood.

I loved reading and was one of those who can't put a book down, cooking, watching TV etc; driving two husbands crazy.


I drew, created artwork of all kinds, I loved all crafts, you name it I have done i.

i sewed most of my clothes because my parents thought of school clothes as a couple of pairs of cheap pants and a pair of shoes, and hand me downs from their friends (because they felt sorrry for me).

I quilt and quilt and will never finish all I have done.

I have written short storied for a group we belonged to which sadly are all lost to computers crashing.

I am an very avid dreamer with two books in progress all based on dreams. I decided with a little nudge from my therapist (you don't have one try them or continue living in your shell).

So, here is my attempt to keep up with my writing,

Most will be based on my dreams. some of the dreams are premoitions, (a skill or curse I have had since I was a child an inherited gift I recieved from my mother's mother and possibly back to our Salem Witch)

I am an avid Genealogist both professionally and privately.

I hope you find my stories enjoyable and keep eading them

  • Work
    • Retired
  • Education
    • Pima Community College
    • University of Arizona