Sandy Point

Sandy Point Victoria

Hey there,
Welcome to South Gippsland best kept secret, Sandy Point.

A place where the sun shines brighter, the sand is finer and the beaches are better. We’ve been keeping Sandy Point from you for a while now, enjoying all the magic to ourselves, but this summer you’re invited.

This summer we will be soaking up all those long, warm nights, morning swims, and sunset barbeques. Bareback horse riding, surfing A-frames, tennis tournaments, bush bashing, fishing, and skating. Festive minigolf, bike riding and maybe even a few sneaky wines at the local Warra Bar.

…jealous yet?, well no need because you’re’ invited!

Discover for yourself the beauty and tranquillity of Sandy Point and live your best summer yet!

Will we see you this summer? Tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #salted