Sandeep Yadav

Jabalpur Mp

I am a web developer with years’ of experience in web designing and programming. I have 6+ years experience in PHP, JQuery, MySQL, HTML, XHTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, Dreamweaver, Photoshop.... I worked as Web Master of around 30 websites and my job was to create, manage and update those websites. I also provided SEO Services to those websites and some of them are on the first page of Google in main keyword search. I always provide my services with full dedication and complete the projects in given timeframe. I began my career in web development in year 2007. I saw the growing demand for web designer and programmer in India and hence started working as freelancer and providing outsourcing services to many foreign companies. I also have strong interest in computers and programming since last 10 years. I worked as a Senior Web Developer in top Web Development Company in Jabalpur and also worked as freelancer for many Israel based company. I always aim to work where I get chance to utilize my knowledge and skill in different kind of websites and web applications using common tools like PHP, JQuery, MySQL, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc. I work according to deadlines and always provide my services with full enthusiasm. I am always seeking for long-term projects but also interested on one time or short projects.