Sandy Becher

Attorney Sandy Becher leverages 17 years of experience to provide premium legal services from his office located in Miami, Florida. Attorney Sandy Becher is a licensed attorney in the state of Florida. He was admitted to the Florida Bar on May 31, 1994. Attorney Sandy Becher received a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Nova South Eastern University – The Shepard Broad Law Center in 1993. Attorney Sandy Becher is a criminal, family and trial lawyer with years of experience winning cases in the State of Florida. Among his latest cases include the Watson Island Murder Trial, the Lebron James’ mothers / valet slap case and high profile divorce cases, including one in which the plaintiff was overbilled by her divorce lawyer to the tune of 600,000 US Dollars. Attorney Sandy Becher is located at 175 SW 7th Street, Suite 2009, Miami, Florida, 33130. Attorney Sandy Becher can be reached at 305-860-5811 and his offices are opened daily Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM EST to 5:00 PM EST. Attorney Sandy Becher can also be contacted vi email at Attorney Sandy Becher’ website URL is