sandy blandin

Writer, Consultant, and Public Speaker in Singapore

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Sandy has always been curious about scents and fragrances. She discovered the world of fragrances as a kid when playing with her friend’s miniature fragrance collection. She was also exposed from the very early age to perfume thanks to her mom who is a perfume junkie and would never leave home without spraying perfume, sometimes five times a day! So it’s quite naturally that she ended up with a Masters in the Chemistry of Perfume and Aroma that lead her to work in the perfume industry.

In the last 15 years, Sandy has accumulated a wealth of experience as well as a vast knowledge of scents and fragrances. She worked closely with perfumers to create winning fragrances for global companies including Procter & Gamble, Unilever or L'Oréal.

By working alongside the marketing and consumer research teams, she developed in-depth market & consumer knowledge for Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia, where she has lived for the past 9 years.

Now Sandy wants to bring her knowledge of and experience in crafting fragrances to Asia. Her latest work includes three beautiful fragrances for Maison by Amanda Dyer.

A TEDx speaker at SMU in 2014, Sandy has been conducting workshops for Sephora & Coty, product launch events for Procter & Gamble, William Grant & Sons or Team building for Ferragamo, Dior & Chevron. She has been partnering with International Schools to hone children’s sense of smell and since last year, she has been collaborating with the Ministry of Communication and Information of Singapore on an initiative called ManyWaysOfSeeing to bring olfaction to local pre-school program.

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