Sandy Deane

I'm the Editor-in-Chief of AOL Television, where I've been helping fans satisfy their TV obsession since 2001. Prior to that, I oversaw the Entertainment channels at and got my start at the largest site for my beloved home state, I used to write a weekly pro-wrestling column for the Star Ledger (Undertaker, FTW!) and miss the days of free concerts from my Spin Online gig.

I've been with AOL for 11 years -- that's like 111 years in internet age! A lot has happened during that time: A short enagement, one hell of a wedding featuring an Elvis impersonator and the births of my two sons (Riley, 4 and Reece, 6 months).

I'm intensely obsessed with Nine Inch Nails, Battlestar Galactica and The Jersey Shore (the show and the actual shore, preferably LBI).