Sandy Dingwall

Gold Coast, Australia

My name is Sandra Dingwall, often known as Sandy, nicknamed Bette (and no I cannot sing like Bette Midler but perhaps my nose shares some resemblance). I am married to Andrew Dingwall and we share the responsibility for 3 little people, 2 daughters and 1 lad. Jordan is 9, Kate is 7 and Master Lachlan is 5. (that's as at December 2012)

I am presently enrolled as a full time student striving towards at Bachelor of Arts - majoring in Professional Writing and Publishing, 2 subjects under my belt, 2 on the go and a full year booked in ahead of me. At 41 I decided to put my intelligence to the test!

My favourite saying is 'Absolutely' simply because it fits any occasion. "Would you like to go shopping?" "Absolutely!", "Don't you think he's a moron?" "Absolutely", "Can we do this?" "Absolutely!", you see what I mean!

I love to cook, though find it boring being stifled by 3 young palettes who couldn't care for some of things I dish up, I love to talk loud, laugh and spend time with friends when it's easy. I don't like doing things the hard way, rather enjoy going with the flow.

I confess to loving a drink or two and constantly berate myself for overindulging... but hey it's my only vice.

I am learning to drop the shackles of judgement, both from myself and others and relish in the thought that all women can do this.

Instead of a New Years Resolutions for 2013 I thought I would work with just one word, and the word is - DISCIPLINE. I am very excited about it, and my blog is one place where you will see it in all it's shining glory!

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