Sandy G

I started my life being obedient, to my domineering dad, to my first husband...I don't do 'obedient' very well. Then I met my soul-mate (I know it's cliche) and that was almost 38 years ago. He didn't want an obedient wife, he wanted a partner, a lover, a cohort.

I'm a "half-full" kind of gal. Of course I have bad times; but I refuse to let them last for long. I've found laughter to be the best medicine. I am so very grateful for my soul mate and loving husband, my family, beautiful kids and grandkids and for my wonderful and true friends. My furkids are my joy. I believe in the Power of the Universe and the Law of Attraction - I've practiced it and have seen its miraculous work. Everything that means anything takes effort, but there is always an exciting and challenging reward over each hurdle. I have broad shoulders to help with your load if you will meet me half way, and open arms for anyone who needs a hug. My life has no room for worry or regret. "Deal with it as it comes" is my motto and Laughter and Peace are my goals. Want to come along with me ?-)