Sandy Grey


Sandy Grey has been an IT and Soft Skills Trainer for over 20 years. She loves to travel and is adaptable with a strong people-focused personality, well experienced in diversity, who has trained most of the UK’s private and public sector companies for over 20 years. She has an NLP Diploma certification (INLPTA) and is an Accredited Coach Dip LC (Inst LCI) and was awarded the Diploma in Life Coaching with Distinction in December 2010.

She is the founder and Director of Grey Software Services Ltd and Clear Spirit Coaching. Has also been a successful Kleeneze distributor who in her first month in April 2011 acquired 170 customers with retail sales of over £2,800 with a cheque of £1,000.

She is also a Network Marketing (MLM) and Attraction Marketing Coach and Trainer, and a Facebook Moderator/Admin for many Facebook Groups since June 2012, who is having great success making money online and is happy to coach and show you how to achieve the same to change your personal circumstances.

*Provides Free Advice & Coaching on Network Marketing
*Provides training on computer software
*Coaching you to build rapport on-line so YOU can connect with the right people for YOUR business
*Coaching YOU on what is a viable on-line business
*Recommending quality marketing tools to help YOU to promote and put YOUR businesses on autopilot
*Free tips and advice given!!
So please get in touch.

"The Bible gives us all the answers to everything in this life! Jesus is Lord!"

  • Work
    • ITTrainer | Life Coach | Attraction Marketer
  • Education
    • NLP Diploma certification (INLPTA)
    • Accredited Coach Dip LC (Inst LC)