Sandy Hall

Sandy is a digital publisher and social media manager with her own publishing company Blue Feather Web and Publishing. She shares information about publishing and web design on her website Located in Ormond Beach, FL., she has solely orchestrated and executed many web sites, published many books for sale at Barnes and, and on POD and Traditional and Digital only for NOOK, Kindle and IPAD. Previous work includes a career at The Daytona Beach News-Journal as Executive Assistant to the Ad Director, Sales Assistant to the Regional Manager, Display Advertising Customer Accounting and Classified Customer Management. In 2009 she started her own publishing firm and is in the process of executing social media strategies for many local and worldwide businesses. Recently, Sandy has also been contracted by AAA Driver Training Programs and has completed her contract to convert their How To Drive, The Beginning Driver's Manual a 420 page image rich print textbook to digital download and digital conversion for the IPAD for sale online as a download for driving education schools across the country and around the nation. In addition to full-time publishing work, Sandy is an author herself, Almost There! Inspired by my late Step-Father... a story of an Italian family, love and set in the 70's. How this book came to her is AMAZING in itself! Her Stepdad passed away in 1983, but he had told her mother that he had written a story on his long train rides to work in Manhattan in the theatre business. Her mother came across his story line one day 28 years later and Sandy edited it taking it from a screen play and brought it to story reality and published it! It contains comedy, intrigue, imagination and history but what it truly contains is LOVE even after our loved ones are gone !!! Preview it here Sandy has always been an avid horselover and enjoys her Black Arabian Stallion, SH Knite Dancer, who has movie star lineage to the "Black Stallion Returns" *El Mokhtar. Sandy's love of technology and the cutting edge digital world, has lead her to continually seek out, research and get hands on quickly with the best available tools to help market businesses and people in this digital world.