Sandy Hooda

Director and Entrepreneur in Gurugram, India

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Sandy Hooda’s name is synonymous with revolutionizing the established education models in India. A first-generation entrepreneur, Sandy Hooda, has an exemplary track record in hospitality and technology ventures.

I believes that education lays the foundation for a child's future. However, his personal experiences at his school left him feeling incredibly disappointed with the industrial-era, rote-learning style of teaching that we have in schools in India right now. This is true for most of the present generation, yet little has been done to correct it.

Sandy traveled to several countries across Europe and The United States, to see how school education had evolved in developed countries. While he saw several schools following the same decades-old methodologies of teaching, there were a handful of schools that were creating a silent revolution. His travels connected him with David Price, OBE, a globally best selling author and world-renowned educator who has inspired progressive schools in the UK, Singapore, and Australia.

After an eye-opening journey, Sandy returned to India with a singular mission – to create a mainstream school that revolutionized education and is not outrageously expensive. Thus, the first Vega school in Gurgaon was born.

Sandy is joined by his Co Founder. Dr Steve Edwards, an outstanding global educator. Vega embodies the best practices of education, taking inspiration from some of the best educators and top schools around the world.

Problem-based learning is the core philosophy of Vega. Sandy's mission in life is to create a generation of young learners who are not just ready to face the challenges of the future but thrive in it. He believes that by enabling creativity and critical thinking thinking in young children, we can help them become problem-solvers right from a young age.

Sandy’s dream in life is to revolutionize the education system in the country, to help students (and schools) make a shift from rote-based learning to understanding the “why” and “how” of everything. He believes that when schools teach the love of learning in children, it sets them up for success in life.
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