Sandy Bouvier-Ingram

Consultant in Long Beach, California

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Long Beach via way of DC - Tribe Called Reston.

Architecture was my life, now it's a hobby.

Gensler Architects Is My Mecca.

Founder @ SocialnetArchitecks

I run a digital marketing agency, that shows entrepreneurs how to buy back time by connecting you to tools and resources relevant to your business vision, create a strategy for designing, marketing and selling a 24/7 digital product, and how to have one on one conversations with their ideal audience through live streaming on a global scale.

Facebook ads Manager, HootSuite Certified, Microsoft Cloud Partner - CRM, PowerBI, MS Project and Azure = what I like to call my Big Boy Toys. Sometimes Candy Shop when new releases come out Part-time hobby is helping old people fix their computer issues remotely. They think I'm a genius. That is, until I ask them to edit my mess.

Believe it or not, I love being outside! Usually in or on the water or on my skateboard headed to 2nd Street Long Beach. Can't miss me! I'm the one with the three wheel perpetual motion board making all the skater kids wonder where I come from.

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- Carpe Diem!

R.I.P. Dead Poet!