Writer in Ohio


Writer in Ohio

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Hello! I'm Sandy, and I run LGBTFAQ on Instagram!

I'm a novel writer from Ohio who's really into Annie and has been apart of the LGBT+ community for five years now.

I'm an agender ace/pansexual flux. I use he, they and it pronouns.

As I am an LGBT activist, I am also a huge activist for matters regarding the autistic and mentally ill communities/safe spaces.

Going around the remarkable LGBT community around Insta, I've noticed quite an ammount of innocent blunders people seem to make. While they mean no harm, these misconceptions could turn toxic, so I'm here to take away those faults!

I post rants here and there about my opinions on a variety of issues.

• Please tell me if I talk about something that I can't speak about because I'm:

• White

• Ablebodied

• Non-Intersex


Q: I disagree with this post. Is it just "hate" if I voice my opinion about it?

A: Not at all! Actually, it's encouraged. LGBTFAQ is also a learning experience for me as well. If you disagree on something, please show me why!

~~More will be added soon~