Sandy Males

Hey everyone. I've decided (finally) to do something about this page. I'm 16 years old and live somewhere in a little country called Denmark. My name is, Sandy. I got this name from my aunt. I'm from Vietnam, a place in Asia. I've been in Vietnam once, and tbh. I hated to be there.

My hobby is programming, so I'm a bit of a nerd. I can program HTML & CSS. I'm learning PHP and MySQL. If you want your page designed you can contact me, and I'll do it for free, but I can't promise you it'll to be perfect. Contact me through email. (

Me and Instagam.

I joined Instagram for the first time when I got my iPod Touch 4G. Before then I didn't quite know anything about instagram, only some words around friends. I didn't use Instagram at first AT ALL, since I didn't have any followers, I thought it was quite boring, but I started getting followers so I use it now and then. I don't take picture often because I have a bad camera.

Which people do I mostly follow?

Well I don't do the "follow 4 follow" as you all probably can see on my instagram. I follow people who have certain pictures I like. Landscapes, captured moments etc. Follow me on gifBoom as well. I follow back only on GifBoom: @sandymales Feel free to ask for more!