Sandy Marks

Consultant in Washington, DC

Hi there.

My background is 100% political. And, by that, I mean that my decade spent as a Washington, DC political consultant forced me to develop a scary number of diverse and useful skills. Over the years, I've stacked those skills behind federal, state-wide, and local political candidates and advocacy organizations, hoping to change the world, one post card or pixel at a time.

After a few years of opting out to raise a precocious poet and a tiny tool man in Philadelphia, I am back in my home state of Florida, ready to jump back in.

You know what time gives you? Perspective. Did I work in politics and Internet? Yes. Am I a political consultant at heart? It's possible. But, first and foremost, I am a communicator. Time and perspective have taught me that.

written, advertised, mapped communication strategy, researched, designed, analyzed, and run national digital campaigns for political candidates and advocacy organizations for years and years. So political? For sure. Varied, creative, and eccelectic? Also yes.

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