Sandra Payton


About Me

I am interested in technology topics and all things data.

A Little History

Big Data guru since 1996

I started doing BIG Data 1996 - 1999 as Senior Database Administrator and Marketing Administrator. I designed, developed and implemented database adminstration on multiple huge databases for the Largest Global Telecommunications Company.

While there, I picked up the skills of Huge Data Support in Finance, Global Brand Channel Marketing & Brand Strategy in support of the CEO, the Brand Strategist and the Senior VP's of Marketing, Sales, Operations and Customer Call Centers. I learned not only how to perform database administration on a huge scale but also how to build and maintain a loyal customer base.

2000 - 2013 I have performed a host of consulting gigs doing Big Data - Database Administration, Database Analysis, and Network Engineering on systems with over 365,000 simultaneous users and over 900 terabyte of data. During these projects I performed full IT support and developed strong skills in many other areas.

in support of

Present Day

I perform private consulting on site and remote Database Administration

I perform private consulting for Database Administration, Computer IT, Web Site Design, IT Troubleshooting, Technology Training, Business Intelligience, Business, Marketing, Graphic Design, Brand Identity & Brand Strategy.

Whats Next?

Leveraging these skills into the "next big thing". Maybe I alone, can't cure cancer, but I wouldn't mind pitching in to help the next start up which wants to give it or the "next big thing" a try.