Sandy Ross

My interests are many, my talents are, too.

I've been 'round the block and seen lots to do.

My heart's full of love for my children both grown.

They filled life with fun - the coop they have flown.

Unemployment is high, and I'm one of many.

My job skills are great, I just can't find any!

A friend at a kennel needed some help.

So, I'm walking dogs who bark and who yelp.

It's great for the soul to be out of doors.

I kayak, I swim, I golf, I garden, I shop garage sales, I bike, I play tennis, I hike, I ride horses, I ski & this is the outdoor list! I sew, I read, I sing, I play on the computer, I dance, I cook, I bake, I play pool, I play cards, I play the penny machines, I shop, I clean the house, the clothes, the dishes & I try to bowl. Oh my! None of the above are paying pennies, so why rhyme? OK back to it.

To end this brief biography where I sound like a saint,

I have one word for my tombstone to paint...