Saneeya Qureshi

Research Staff Developer in Liverpool, United Kingdom

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I am passionate about educational support and inclusion at every level. In my day job, I am a research staff developer, designing and directing a portfolio of developmental opportunities for research staff. I previously consulted on social innovation and social impact measurement. I, therefore, have the unique ability to evoke successive reactions in people who meet me for the first time: curiosity, followed closely by utter bamboozlement, and finally bemusement at my love for discussing tangential subjects related to education and social impact! In a shameless attempt to convince you of my credibility, here are some examples of my research outputs and international dissemination activities.

When I am not otherwise being deluged with researcher development matters, my personal pursuits revolve around embracing languages and cultures of the world. I consider myself a ‘multi-potentialite’ and ‘multi-localite’. I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts (via the button above) as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please do comment and join the discussion. I’d love to hear from you, so do feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or Twitter.