Sanford Wilk

Small Business Owner and Consultant in New York

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Sanford Wilk

Co-Founder and COOEIC Agency

With an MBA (Tulane) and two undergrad degrees in design, Sanford manages in a way that combines the operational precision and drive of an MBA with a keen eye for creative detail. He specializes in developing digital products that help small/mid-size companies make larger impacts in heavily saturated and highly competitive markets. While he also spent several years working in the newspaper and radio industry, he prefers digital media to traditional because of its ever-growing capability to yield instantaneous connections.

Sanford Wilk holds an MBA level from Tulane University, as well as likewise finished 2 bachelor's degrees, majoring in layout and also modern technology. He builds the functional expertise of his graduate business level with the creative abilities of a developer to create a practical methodology for fixing troubles-- in addition to producing intriguing projects. Along with his creative/business background, Sanford Wilk has actually been released several hundred times in magazines as well as periodicals. His understanding of book development as well as life cycles given for concise and clear skills had to efficiently interact with consumers. interaction skills.

Sanford Wilk's years of encounter in the newspaper and also magazine posting sector equated quite well into new media, and also eventually led him to tackling the duty of Supervisor of New Media at the Phoenix Media Communications Team, which was home for the Boston Phoenix as well as WFNX radio (among various other electrical outlets). His team was accountable for all on the internet resources at this independent news stations. The Phoenix metro shuttered its doors in 2013, after almost 50 years of successful publishing, and Sanford Wilk lovingly recalls his days there.

Sanford Wilk is a foodie, a tech geek and an item advancement specialist at heart. His group is active, very creative and also detail-oriented, which matches up with the individual desires that Sanford Wilk has set for himself over the years.