san franskinny

El Cerrito, CA

San franskinny offers a unique weight loss program. Our mission is to bring new, cutting edge scientific-based diet, lifestyle, and exercise protocols to facilitate fat burning and weight loss to the masses in a fun, shame-free environment. This mission includes serving a broad demographic of women and men at an affordable price.

Mission Goal: We want all our patients to be “fat burners”! Patients feel youthful, vital, healthy, and lose weight without sacrifice. At san franskinny, we put the fun back into weight loss and health. To boot, we make this weight loss fun affordable!

san franskinny has three values:

1) Accessibility: We pride ourselves on bringing quality medical advice and weight loss services to patients at an affordable price. We value our ability to serve a wide variety of people from multiple income classes, racial groups, and both genders. We offer bi-lingual staff so that we are accessible to the Hispanic population.

2) Integrity: By using the most cutting edge scientifically proven treatment advice and lifestyle plans, we bring honest information for health and well-being to our patients. No more low fat and low calorie diets where “Calories in, calories out” is the only framework for weight loss. In fact, science now shows that WHAT you eat matters much more than the calories you eat. Balancing the intricate metabolic hormonal system is the actual key to weight loss and health. No more antiquated weight loss suggestions. Our patients will thrive on honest, up to date information! We promise that they will be greeted and received by honest staff and medical providers.

3) “Shame-Free” Patient Experience: We value bringing a shame-free and enthusiastically supportive weight loss experience to our patients, many of whom suffer low self-esteem and negative feelings related to their weight gain.

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