Sangar Hamad

Honestly, telling you everything about me would take way to long, and I have neither the time, the need, the want, nor the energy lol. If there is something on your mind, ask. Straight questions get straight answers. I have nothing to hide,and being a "liar" takes to much time, remembering and energy; no need, no time and no energy to lie. Ask to find out. I am a very open minded person, who cares about everyone even the ones who hate me! I'm a soilder nothing can break me! i speak the truth and hold my tongue for no one but keep the my peace! to talk to me you need to know me! to talk about me you need to know me! to chill with me you need to know me! action speak louder than words! YES! but if you don't know me.... who's to say what my action's are! don't judge me if you don't know me, because then i wont want to be the one you want to know!!!!!!