Sangeeta Abhay

Artist, humanitarian, and follower of non-violence in Bengaluru, India

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Over 2500 years ago, the lone, powerful voice of Lord Buddha served to quell the fears of mankind and worked to bring people together by showing the way forward through the exercise of love, compassion and non-violence. That esteemed philosophy, birthed out of Enlightenment, helped spread the message of Peace and goodwill, that is as relevant now as it was when those words were first uttered millennia ago. We are therefore secure in the knowledge that there is no darkness that can conquer dawn.

I dedicate my work to the life and teachings of Gautama Buddha, and trust that the artworks will inspire you as much as they invigorated me while creating them. Let us collectively affirm to renounce negative thoughts, words and deeds; and instead, embrace the all-encompassing virtues that have been bequeathed to us by the Buddha.